Hey there! I’m still learning how to use this site and as I progress through the training I know things will come together and I’ll learn more. I made a video for this Blog of Part 2 but I got all sorts of errors and had to resort to just the link. I promise I’ll get better!!

Anyway, the link to my video is below and just know this is just the beginning of what I’m learning and it WILL get better. Also, please feel free to comment or make any suggestions you may have. Enjoy the video and I’ll see you soon!


Here are the Links for the two programs I talked about in my Part 2 Blog.

Uh Oh!! I don’t have a link for the Partnership to Success program yet but I do have one for Giveaway Masters. Out of the thousands upon thousands of dollars that I’ve spent on the “next shiny object” Giveaway Masters is by far the best and most profitable. You can actually do it and start making money quickly. Here’s the link and don’t forget to comment or ask any question(s) you may have.


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    • Adam Henderson

      Hi Shelly,
      You have made a great start your site looks quite polished already keep up your great start.
      Look forward to watching your progress and reading more posts

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